Our missions

IHECS Academy offers training, according to your professional communication objectives, to:

Learn to communicate effectively in your particular field

  • Add communication skills to your core activity.
  • Rapidly acquire the best communication grounding and techniques, which are necessary for your professional development.
  • Respond to the latest needs of your company, organisation or service.
  • Take on new responsibilities requiring communication skills.
  • Become an expert or effective consultant in your field.


  • Specialise, retrain, update your knowledge, and be open to the latest scientific, professional and technical developments in professional communication.
  • Update your communication knowledge and skills, in line with new concepts, theories and practices.


  • Prepare rapidly and effectively for an active life in a field other than your own.
  • Stand back from your current professional activities.
  • Respond to a personal need to adapt.

Increase your employability

  • Improve your chances of being recruited.
  • Aim for promotion.
  • Prepare to take on new responsibilities.

These further education objectives have been set out in accordance with Article 20 of the French Community of Belgium’s Decree of 31 March 2004, defining higher education and promoting its integration in European higher education and the refinancing of universities (Moniteur belge of 18/06/2004). If successfully completed, this training results in the granting of credits – provided the training meets the same organisation, content and quality criteria as studies that lead to traditional academic qualifications.